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One-to-One Swimming Lessons in Oxford

Confident Swimmers is passionate about delivering fun, engaging and highly effective swimming lessons to people of all ages. We specialise in our child-centered approach to learning and confidence development through swimming.

Our priority is to help your child progress toward becoming a safe and proficient swimmer, by guiding them gradually and progressively through the ASA Learn to Swim Programme, and to help them to develop a love and passion for being in the water.



Meet Tim

Head Teacher / Coach at Confident Swimmers


Hi! My name is Tim, and I have a passion for swimming, teaching and for being in the water. Over a period of more than 10 years of dedicated swimming teaching experience, I have developed a unique and fun, person-centered approach to helping individuals of all ages learn to swim.

My teaching and interactions with children follow creative and holistic approaches to child development and learning, drawing influence from such fields as child-centered play therapy and playwork, storytelling, and from various other forms of improvisational work—all of which continually serve to shape my values and inspire my work with children.

Our sessions will always prioritise—above and beyond anything else—the safety and wellbeing of each individual swimmer, and the cultivation of respectful, trusting and supportive learning relationships.

Maryam learning good technique

Maryam learning good technique


Tim is a really gifted teacher—caring, patient and enthusiastic. He teaches excellent stroke technique and makes learning to swim lots of fun. It has been a pleasure to see our child grow in confidence in the water and for him to come to really enjoy trips to the pool.
— Ursula I.

One-to-One Swimming Lessons for Children

Our one-to-one swimming lessons follow a child-centered approach to exploring and learning in the water, and can be tailored to the needs of each individual swimmer


Our sessions will initially focus on enjoyment, confidence-building and water safety, then followed by stroke development, speed and stamina practice, and the learning of additional water skills.

I will usually join the swimmer in the water, and teach from within the water. For younger swimmers, this enables me to give them extra support as they learn to swim, and to help guide their movements and assist them as they learn the strokes, and as they progress it allows for underwater viewing of swimming technique and helps to highlight areas for improvement.

Our progress will be in line with the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway, from Ducking 1–4 and Stages 1 through to Stage 10. A variety of ASA Learn to Swim, Stroke Distance, and Water Skills certificates will be awarded on a regular basis, to serve as additional encouragement and motivation and to consolidate progress made.

Our one-to-one swimming lessons are considered ideal for:

children from ages 5+ years old
children who would benefit from play and confidence-building sessions
young swimmers who would benefit from the continuity of having a single dedicated teacher
individuals with more sensitive learning or physical needs
talented swimmers requiring personalised coaching


Lilian very much enjoyed her lessons with Tim and soon grew confident being in the water. She loved practicing going underwater at home in the bath; it was quite unbelievable to watch, taking into account she was only 3 at the time. She made good progress swimming and always looked forward to her lessons, which Tim always made sure were packed with fun and games.
— Lilita G.

Adult Swimming Lessons and Coaching

Learn how to swim more efficiently to make your experience of swimming more enjoyable, effective and rewarding.


New Adult Swimmers:

Our sessions can cater to the complete adult beginner, where we will learn how to stay relaxed and safe in the water, and gain basic swimming skills at a pace most comfortable to you.

We will introduce practices to help build up the various components of each stroke gradually, so that you’re able to feel relaxed and in control as you improve in confidence and develop your swimming ability.

Competent Adult Swimmers:

For intermediate and triathlete level swimmers, we will explore ways to further improve the biomechanics, technique and rhythm of your existing stroke, enabling you to maximise your swimming speed and efficiency through the water, and helping you to reach your full swimming potential.

Our swimming instruction and coaching service can help if you are an adult looking to:

learn to swim for the first time
improve your enjoyment of swimming
relax and relieve stress through swimming
learn and master a new stroke or swimming skill
achieve new health and fitness goals through swimming
improve your sprint and distance times for races and triathlons


Tim’s gentle creative teaching helped our boy from being really scared of water—not even liking bath times—to a boy who would readily jump in at the deep end to retrieve toys and confidently swim underwater. He can now swim lengths, and has joined in with his school swimming lessons, and all without any trauma. I could absolutely trust Tim with my sensitive timid boy and am delighted we found him as I really don’t think this could have happened with other teachers we encountered.
— Jenny C.

Locations and Rates


Oxford Thames Hotel
Sandford-on-Thames, Henley Road
Oxford OX4 4GX

After school availability:

Tuesdays: 3.30pm - 6pm
Thursdays: 3.30pm - 6pm
Fridays: 3.30pm - 6pm

Weekday morning and evening spaces also available for adults

Saturdays: 9am - 12 noon
(hourly sessions only)

Session Rates (Per Swimmer)
Child: £35 per 30 minute session
Child: £40 per 40 minute session
Child: £60 per hour session

Adult: £50 per 45 minute session
Adult: £60 per hour session

Juvenate Health and Leisure Club
Jurys Inn Oxford,
Godstow Road, Oxford, OX2 8AL

After school availability:

Mondays: 4pm - 7pm
Wednesdays: 4pm - 7pm

Thursday morning spaces also available for adults

Session Rates (Per Swimmer)
Child: £35 per 30 minute session
Child: £40 per 40 minute session
Child: £60 per hour session

Adult: £50 per 45 minute session
Adult: £60 per hour session


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