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"Our seven year old son had a very negative experience at group swimming lessons and was left nervous around water and refusing to go to any more lessons. Thanks to Tim's child-centered approach and his engaging teaching style, our son now enjoys the water again."

Louise G.

"Our son loved his swimming lessons with Tim. The lessons are made into fun events, and because of this our son now thoroughly enjoys swimming. In addition his technique developed well and he now has a beautiful stroke. I would highly recommend Tim's lessons."

Mirjam C.

"Tim is a really gifted teacher—caring, patient and enthusiastic. He teaches excellent stroke technique and makes learning to swim lots of fun. It has been a pleasure to see our child grow in confidence in the water and for him to come to really enjoy trips to the pool."

Ursula I.

"Tim uses cool equipment and ideas to make sure the lessons are fun while you learn quickly. My progress became much faster once I started having one-to-one lessons with Tim, compared with when I was in a bigger swimming group."

James, aged 10

“Tim has given my two granddaughters Daisy and Libby swimming lessons over the last five years. Endlessly patient, kind and encouraging. I would recommend him enthusiastically for teaching swimming at any level.”

Mary-Ann S.

"Tim has taught our sons, taking my oldest from the beginning to Stage 7. His skill, patience, persistence, kindness, long term vision & planning, and sense of fun have made the lessons very enjoyable and instructive. We couldn’t recommend Tim more highly."

Miriam E.

"Tim is very patient and always remembers details about my swimming from one week to the next, which means I learn very quickly and my technique and confidence are always improving."

William, aged 8


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"Lilian very much enjoyed her lessons with Tim and soon grew confident being in the water. She loved practicing going underwater at home in the bath; it was quite unbelievable to watch, taking into account she was only 3 at the time. She made good progress swimming and always looked forward to her lessons, which Tim always made sure were packed with fun and games."

Lilita G.

"Tim's gentle creative teaching helped our boy from being really scared of water—not even liking bath times—to a boy who would readily jump in at the deep end to retrieve toys and confidently swim underwater. He can now swim lengths, and has joined in with his school swimming lessons, and all without any trauma. I could absolutely trust Tim with my sensitive timid boy and am delighted we found him as I really don't think this could have happened with other teachers we encountered."

Jenny C.

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